The one and only way to build an unlimited traffic machine--100% immune to the whims of search engines and social media platforms--is to create a system that converts visitors into dollars better than anyone else in the market.  (If you don't know why, click here).  Your next installment of tips, techniques, and advice to help achieve that goal is below...

Prove Your Claims or Don't Make Them"


Sharon Livingston, Ph.D. has interviewed 60,000+ consumers, professionals, and purchasing agents about their response to advertising. In fact, she's been repeatedly asked by major brands to help develop and/or select the right testimonials and spokespeople... 

Watch the webinar replay below to see how you can get MUCH more compelling testimonials for your site!  (Video subject to removal and/or inclusion in paid products without notice... please watch today)

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

Dr. Livingston's companies sold $20,000,000+ in marketing services to businesses of ALL sizes, helped manage millions in advertising, and have been extensively covered in major media . 

Let Sharon Tap the Enthusiasm of Your
Happiest Clients to Turn Your Site into
a Sales Generating Machine 24 x 7 x 365

 No legal advice or opinion is offered during this presentation or the event containing it regarding
the use of testimonials . Consult your attorney before deploying testimonials on your site.

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